Please send us an email with your assignment details to:

support @

Fast track subsea engineering now?

The fast track procedure to immediately assist with your engineering and design assignment is:

  • You send email to us with the request for quotation (RFQ). Include the following details in your RFQ email
    • Brief description of the assignment with any available CAD models, drawings or sketches needed for explanations
    • Any special design requirements for the task (design codes, loads, technical requirements etc.)
    • Requirement for documentation (design reports, brief technical note etc.)
    • Delivery time required (if possible, when do you need the results and when do you need the documentation)
    • Non disclosure agreement (NDA) if the information is confidential if required (eSubsea consider any information confidential by default)
  • eSubsea receive the RFQ email and review the information
  • eSubsea revert ASAP with an email with the following information:
    • Any clarifications on the scope of work
    • If required, a kick-off phone or Skype meeting is held
    • Cost and schedule (budget if scope is unclear)
    • Standard contract for signing
  • You send us an email with the signed contract and confirmation of the Purchase Order (PO)

The above procedure should normally not take more than a few hours and the engineering and design can start. If you also need fast track testing or fabrication, please let us know as this can be easily arranged through our partners.