eSubsea AS is the owner of a new company, Offshore Wind Design AS, that are developing and patenting several innovative mooring solutions for the offshore renewable industry. The inventions can reduce cost directly by up to 30% and increase the load capacity with up to 300%. Lean more at Offshore Wind Design – Foundation, Anchoring and Offshore Wind Mooring Solutions.

Offshore Wind Design - Mooring Solutions

eSubsea has the knowledge, expertise and experience that fits well into the emerging renewable Offshore Wind Industry and the wind farm engineering, analysis and design of foundation structures for fixed offshore wind turbine and for floating offshore wind. We are currently working on geotechnical optimisation on several offshore wind projects such as Utsira Nord, Sørlige Nordsjø II, Trollvind and ScotWind.

We use state of the art software to perform all required calculations and analyses to design and optimize the foundation based on site conditions, loads and water depth.

Foundation Engineering and Design

Several conceptual designs have already been analyzed to a level of detail that would give a quick, cost-effective design and engineering phase, saving time and money. The design basis will be adjusted to optimize each individual foundation as far as possible.

Offshore wind farms - eSubsea

Why Offshore Wind Farms at Sea?

The benefits of locating the wind farms offshore are many, some are listed below:

  • The foremost advantage is that it is clean and renewable, provide a stable and reliable energy source. There are no water consumption, pollution or emission of energy sources.
  • Coastal areas often have high energy needs and concentrated populations.
  • The wind speeds are usually faster than for onshore windfarms. This results in large increase in energy production as small increase in wind speeds gives large increase in energy generation.
  • The wind speeds are steadier and with less turbulence provide a more reliable source of energy.

Bottom Fixed Foundations

The types of offshore foundations that can be design range from well-known mono-pile and gravity foundation design for shallow waters, tripods and jacket type foundations for deeper waters. These are often limiting the power output of the ocean wind turbines.

Our focus is however on water depth above 50 meters and emerging high energy wind turbines (up to 10 MW nominal power), utilizing innovative suction bucket jacket foundations type design to minimize the weight and at the same time provide stability for wind turbines with rotor diameters of up to 200 meters. The offshore wind turbine foundation design also covers design of foundations for wind farm sub-stations and metrological masts.

Floating Offshore Wind Turbines

Floating Offshore Wind Turbines - eSubsea

Floating offshore wind foundations has an advantage over onshore wind turbines because the sea has more wind and more stable wind resources. eSubsea can assist with the advanced engineering and analysis is required to design these floating structures and mooring systems.

Offshore Wind Concept Studies

eSubsea with its engineering and geotechnical partners can carry out fast track concept and feasibility studies which include concept evaluation, preliminary load estimation, structural design, foundation and geotechnical, weights based on input data and required codes and standards. The concept study is a cost effective way to quickly establish size, weight, budget cost and delivery schedule for your project.

Offshore Wind Research and Development