eSubsea perform advanced piping design, pipe stress analysis and code check analysis using the world recognised pipe system analysis and design software TRIFLEX by PipingSolutions Inc (similar to Caesar II). The pipe stress analysis can be used for all types of piping systems such as subsea manifold piping system, flow line spools and jumpers, pig launchers and receivers etc.

Piping analysis and design - eSubsea

The pipe stress analysis software consider the effect of:

  • Pressure and temperature
  • Weight of the piping system
  • Anchor or restraint movements
  • Pipe support friction
  • Earthquake events
  • Pressure vessels and nozzle loads

The software can calculate the following for any straight pipe, bends, tees and valves:

  • Pipe stress analysis and strains
  • Sustained loads and occasional stress and loads
  • Thermal growth and thermal expansion
  • Deflections and rotations
  • Forces and bending moments
  • Water hammer effects
  • Piping code compliance

The analysis code checks (including ASME codes) can be done according to most recognised standards as:

  • ASME B31.3 Process Piping
  • ASME B31.8 Gas Transmission and Distribution Systems
  • DNVGL-OS-F101 Submarine Pipeline Systems
  • DNVGL-RP-F112 Duplex Stainless Steel

eSubsea has extensive experience with the use of Super Duplex materials in subsea piping system subjected to cathodic protection systems. Required piping flexibility when connecting manifold piping either horizontally or vertically can be calculated or verified. Also, the effects of induction bending can be included in the analysis.

eSubsea can also evaluate any piping system for the effect of Flow Induced Vibrations according to the industry recognised guidelines.

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