eSubsea perform structural analysis and design of Pipeline End Modules (PLEMs) or Pipeline End Manifolds or Pipeline End Terminations (PLET) or Flowline End Terminations (FLET). The PLEM is basically a simple subsea manifold at the end of a pipeline.

PLEM Design

The piping can be analysed using our advanced pipeline analysis software TRIFLEX and any piping design code, but most common ASME B31.3 or B31.8.

Subsea Pipeline End Modules PLEM PLET FLET - eSubsea

The PLEM structure will be designed for all loads as transportation loads, tie-in loads, thermal expansion and flow induced vibrations (FIV). The structure will also be designed for dropped object loads and fishing gear impact if there is fishing activities in the area.

The PLEM are installed with the pipeline and the PLEM structure with the lifting and lay down arrangement is analysed for the installation loads using structural analysis.

One important aspect of the PLEM design is to optimise both the size and weight as this is often critical in particular if the PLET is welded to the pipeline or flowlines on the pipe lay vessel and is overboard with the pipeline.

The PLEM structural analysis will include the following:

  • Fabrication, testing and handling at fabrication site
  • Transportation and installation lifting analysis
  • In-place operation condition including pressure and temperature expansion