What are subsea structures?

Subsea structures are underwater constructions installed on the seabed as foundations, support and protection for subsea oil and gas processing equipment as wells, Xmas trees, connection systems, piping and valves.

Engineering, Procurement and Construction EPC

eSubsea provide fast track engineering, procurement and construction (EPC) of subsea structures. In addition, we do design and verification and analysis of loads acting on subsea structures or parts and components of structures during manufacturing, testing, installation and operation. The engineering includes conceptual and detail design and analyses of all parts of subsea production systems.

eSubsea and our partners can deliver subsea products, concept studies, engineering and design services and offshore and underwater hardware to the North Sea, Gulf of Mexico, Canada, Australia, West of Africa, Brazil and Russia

eSubsea specialise in fast track engineering and ad hoc subsea engineering, design and verification. The design is done according to subsea foundations design codes and oil and gas industry recognised recommendations, codes and standards as API, ISO, NORSOK, ASME and DNV.

Subsea Structure Design

The subsea protection structures and foundation structures are designed and analysed using structural analysis, piping and finite element analysis. The design loads are compiled in the project design basis which is the first document to be generated. All analysis and calculations are documented in the projects design report.

Subsea Structures - eSubsea

The following subsea and offshore structures can be designed and analysed for any water depth even ultra deep water:

Subsea Units and Module Structures

In addition, eSubsea can also do engineering design and analyse the following structures commonly used in a subsea production system:

Subsea Structures Concept Studies

eSubsea with its engineering and geotechnical partners can carry out fast track concept and feasibility studies which include concept evaluation, preliminary structural design, P&ID, protection structure, foundation and geotechnical, weight and structure and piping sizing based on input data and required codes and standards. The concept study is a cost effective way to quickly establish size, weight, budget cost and delivery schedule for your project.