eSubsea deliver standardized, cost efficient and high quality ROV buckets. The subsea ROV torque tool bucket dimensions are according to subsea industry codes as API 17H and ISO 13628-8 standard torque tool interfaces. The buckets cover the complete range of subsea torque tools and operation class 1 to operational class 7.

ROV Bucket for Torque Tool standard dimensions class 4

Fully Certified for Subsea Use

The ROV Buckets are fully certified and traceable for temporary or permanent subsea used. Each item will be delivered with a documentation package including:

  • EN10204 Type 3.1 Material Certificate
  • Welding Documentation (of applicable)
  • Paint and Coating Documentation
  • Stamped Serial Number on each Item

ROV Torque Tool Buckets

The ROV buckets are used to provide docking, alignment and a torque reaction mechanism for subsea ROV tooling. They are mounted to valves and other equipment that are operated by a torque tool. The design of the interface is highly standardized, and the torque tool buckets dimensions and maximum design torque is specified in ISO13628-8.

ROV Buckets Class 4

The most commonly used is the class 4 ROV Bucket, which has a torque capacity of 2,700 Nm. The high-quality subsea ROV buckets class 4 are available in carbon steel, AISI 316L stainless steel, Lean Duplex (UNS 32304) and Super Duplex (UNS32760) and standardized with coating in Orange color (RAL 2004) using NORSOK System 7B paint system or Xylan in combination with stainless steel.

Torque Tool Interfaces and ROV Buckets Dimensions

The design of the interface is highly standardized, and the ROV bucket dimensions and maximum design torque is specified in ISO13628-8. This ensure that the interface between various classes of torque tools and ROV buckets are compatible.

Protection by Plastic Bucket Covers

eSubsea design and deliver ROV bucket covers to protect them from debris and marine growth. They can also be used as a valve lock. The plastic covers can be easily installed and removed by ROV. The lightweight polyurethane covers are made to fit all classes.

ROV Valve Bucket Mounting

The ROV valve bucket is safely mounted to the valve bonnet by bolts. If the valve and piping have the capacity to absorb the reaction forces from the torque operation there is no need for more attachment points. If the reaction is too high, the required reaction forces can be taken by supporting structure or valve panels and there are bolt holes in the top plate of the bucket.