eSubsea provide ROV Tooling and subsea ROV tools. The subsea products tooling can be used by any ROV type and manipulator arm and with any choice of ISO and API compliant ROV Handles which is mounted by a simple and standard interface. The ROV tooling and tools are made from quality stainless materials as 316L of Super Duplex and are coated by Xylan in Orange RAL2004 for best subsea visibility. They are fabricated to the NORSOK M-101 and comes with a 3.1 material certificate and a user manual.

Fully Certified ROV Tooling for Subsea Use

The ROV Tools are fully certified and traceable for temporary or permanent subsea use. Each item will be delivered with a documentation package including:

  • EN10204 Type 3.1 Material Certificate
  • Welding Documentation (of applicable)
  • Paint and Coating Documentation
  • Stamped Serial Number on each Item

ROV Fork Tools

The eSubsea ROV Fork is part of the eSubsea ROV tooling package. The T bar handle fork is a fork manipulator used to assist the ROV with paddle valve operations. The fork handle is placed in the jaws of the ROV 7-function manipulator arm. The ROV tool interfaces are T-bar to the and fork to the valve. The T bar for has been analysed using the Finite Element Method and the torque capacity is above 300 Nm.

ROV Tooling and ROV Tools
ROV T Bar Fork

ROV Tooling Soft Sling Hook

The eSubsea ROV Soft Sling Hook I part of the eSubsea ROV Tooling Package, The ROV Soft Sling Hook is used for easy handling of soft slings and ropes using the ROV manipulator. It can be used to easily thread slings around pipelines and subsea structures and can be used for both push and pull operations. The ROV Sling Hook is part of the modular bolt on Remove Intervention tooling handle grip system and can be delivered with any type of handles such as T-bar, D-handle or fishtail handle. 

ROV Knife or Soft Cutter Tools

The eSubsea ROV Knife can be used for many subsea operations were cutting of soft ropes, synthetic rope, soft slings, straps, smaller hoses and thin wires are required without the need for a hydraulic cutting tool. The ROV tooling is delivered in standard (600mm and 1100mm) or custom dimensions. The eSubsea Soft Rope Cutters or ROV knives is part of the modular bolt on ROV handle grip system and can be delivered with any type of handles such as T-bar, D-handle or fishtail handle. They are designed for durability and subsea precision cutting.